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Halloween pumpkins
The origins of quirky Irish Halloween traditions
Posted on: 2019-10-30 12:43:08
The origins of quirky Irish Halloween Traditions    In Ireland, it widely acknowledged that we have some very unique traditions when it comes to marking occasions and Halloween is no different. In fact, the occasion of Halloween itself has some
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Top tips on how to maximize family bonding time on your break away
Posted on: 2019-09-10 12:58:51Short Breaks  |  Teen Breaks  |  Family Breaks  |  Activities
A break away is a great opportunity to get the whole family together and engage in some well-deserved bonding time. Often, our day to day lives can be so busy between work commitments, routines and tight schedules that we miss the opportunity to engage in
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How to best spend a rainy day in Dublin
Posted on: 2019-07-18 16:08:27Short Breaks  |  Teen Breaks  |  Family Breaks  |  Activities
We hate to admit it, but we know all too well that Dublin's fair city can be partial to just a little bit of rain. While this may hinder some outdoor plans, not all is ruined should you encounter a sprinkling from the sky during your stay. A rainy day can
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Get Outdoorsy in Dublin
Posted on: 2019-06-19 17:06:52Short Breaks  |  Activities
The summer months in Ireland can be a great opportunity to venture outdoors and make the most of the range of exciting outdoor activities offered in the city. The location of the Beacon hotel is particularly perfect for this – not only will you be able
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Summer in Dublin City
Your Summer Events Calendar…
Posted on: 2019-05-27 12:29:40Events
Summer is the time for BBQ’s, sunshine, family, friends and fun! If you are coming to stay with us this summer, it’s great to know where to go and what to do in order to create the best memories. Whether you’re a fan of music, film, food
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