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Finalists in the DLR Co Envirocom awards in 2016, The Beacon Hotel is proud to actively take part in preserving the environment. In an effort of sustainability of the hotel, we like to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

What are we doing to be green?


LED Lighting Project

In October 2015 we began the process of changing all of the light bulbs in the hotel to LED lighting.  This has had a clear impact on our energy usage, waste, labour costs and energy costs.  The project was undertaken by our maintenance department.  Our maintenance team were able to source and install lighting which would be identical to the existing lighting, so the changes to the visual effect were negligible.  Through the LED Lighting Project we have seen a massive reduction in our energy use and costs.

Energy Usage

We have also focused on our energy usage overall in the hotel.  Through staff training we have raised awareness, and this has been managed by our trainers within each department.

Water & Gas Conservation

In June 2016 we installed a new Building Management System.  This system allows us to have a better day to day gauge of our water and gas usage.  It will cut down on unnecessary expenditure, as we have more control.  We can remotely turn systems on and off, giving us better access, and the ability to react quicker when systems need to be adjusted.

Future Plans

We are currently exploring the possibility of harnessing some of the heat from our kitchen air extract unit, and linking to a heat exchange system.  We are also looking at interconnecting, through a heat exchange unit, our central heating system, and our water heaters incorporating a new storage cylinder.  This will allow us to further reduce energy usage, by using the existing central heating system to heat our water.